earth's largest glacier is melting

It was reported that in the images taken by a transport plane belonging to the British Ministry of Defense, it was seen that the Earth’s largest glacier melted 1800 square kilometers in the last 3 years.

In the report, it was noted that the transport plane captured the numerous cracks and underwater tunnels in the glacier in question.

It is stated that the glacier is now moving towards South Georgia Island in the British Overseas Territory, and it is located 200 kilometers from the island and there is a possibility of getting stuck in shallow coastal waters.

In the news, satellite images obtained in recent weeks showed that the edges of the A68a were rapidly fragmented by strong wave movements and that these parts separated from the iceberg should be monitored for the safety of “sea transport”.

A68a iceberg in 2017 Antarctica, in the news, which emphasized that its size was 6000 square kilometers when it broke off, it was recorded that it fell to 4200 square kilometers in the latest images.

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