Scientists conducted a study on the symptoms of corona virus, which infects millions of people, in some patients for months. In a study conducted at Yale University, it was found that people who showed Covid-19 symptoms for months had auto-antibodies.

A comprehensive study was conducted on “Long Covid-19 patients whose symptoms did not pass and recover”, which lasted for months regarding the corona virus pandemic, which infects more than 72 million people worldwide and causes fear to the whole world.

In the study conducted at Yale University, one of the leading educational institutions in the USA, people who could not survive and had the disease for long weeks and even months were examined. Scientists revealed in their research that the “auto-antibody” values ​​in the blood values ​​of people who could not defeat the disease were much higher.


Experts, who found that these auto-antibodies prevent the body from developing antibodies against Covid-19 and attack some parts of the body, especially the brain, said, “People probably experience severe corona virus symptoms.” Experts at Yale University examined the blood values ​​of 194 hospital workers and patients with Covid-19 detected, and compared them with those of 30 healthcare professionals.

Scientists, who found that auto-antibody values ​​were lower in people who did not get sick, said, “Auto-antibodies attack the damaged organs of Covid-19 patients, “This makes the symptoms of Covid-19 worse”.


While scientists say that the Covid-19 infection transmitted by the SARS-CoV-2 corona virus is a short-term disease, they also explain in the past that the disease lasted about 2 weeks. However, in some patients, the symptoms did not go away for long weeks, which caused controversy in the scientific world.

Aaron Ring, who conducted the research, made statements to the British The Guardian on the subject. “Covid-19 patients produce auto-antibodies that interfere with the immune system, and these auto-antibodies do more harm than good to patients. Because antibodies stay in the body for a longer period of time and take longer to what we call Covid,” he said.

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