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Eker Gallery Auction’s House founder Yusuf Şimşekçaktı explained the story of how began his interest in auction and antique items.

He says, first he became interested in antiques when he was growing up in the mansion of his Great Grand Grandfather Hamza Razi Pasha. On one occasion, he stepped into the profession in 1988.

Then he became partners with Ercan Ekşi Bey in 2005. Together, they have created wonderful antiques and unique collections. ‘’After many years, now — with years of experience — to serve you with our understanding of winning and gaining together; we established Eker Antiques to organize auctions, online auctions and exhibitions.’’

Eker Gallery auction house with extraordinary art, unparalleled service, as a name mentioned by the global reach of expertise is Turkey’s leading online auction and antique house.

Craft is very important in the performance of every art. There are humble means that balance meaning and truth in the emergence of art. The humble tools that have been experienced for centuries, which have been handed down by man, are essentially as valuable as art itself. The reed pen for the calligrapher, the canvas and brush for the painter, the name “Kemane” for the rosary artist are examples of these values.

In other words, the emphasis on “reality behind what is visible” in Divan literature is important in the performance of art. Behind the prayer beads that are most pleasing to the eye, and the works that enrich them with history and story, there is always a craft and modest tools.

Discover their historical auctions as Eker Gallery auctions and antique house and online auctions where they created decisive moments in the art market throughout their long history.

They expect your support for the advancement of their profession. The service is from them, the discretion of this service is from you.

For more visit their website; https://www.ekergallery.com/
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