WhatsApp came up with a notification to its users containing the updated terms and privacy policy. Whatsapp contract agents in the reaction of attracting users in Turkey, “a part of Facebook, the company that WhatsApp, Facebook receives information from other companies and that the company has with information sharing.” While the statement attracted attention, users who were responsive to the update turned to the ‘Signal’ application, which Elon Musk suggested for WhatsApp, Telegram Messenger, and alternatively the domestic application BiP.


WhatsApp’s “Privacy Policy”, updated on January 4, was also featured on the application’s official site. In the text on the site, it was emphasized that WhatsApp is a part of Facebook companies, and the following was noted:

“WhatsApp for the purpose of running, providing, improving, understanding, customizing, supporting and marketing our services; including when you download, use or access our services. The type of data we receive and collect depends on how you use our services. We need certain information to provide our services and without it we cannot provide it.

WhatsApp, which is part of Facebook companies, receives information from and shares information with other Facebook companies. We may use the information we receive from these companies to operate, provide, improve, understand, customize, support and market our services and the possibilities offered by these companies, including Facebook company products, and these companies may also use the information we share with them.

What data of users can WhatsApp collect?

Account Information
Status Information
Transaction and Payment Data
Customer Support and Other Communications
Usage and Registration Information
Device and Connection Information
Location Information
Information Provided About You by Others (Third party.)
User Complaints (Provided by third party.)
Businesses in WhatsApp
Party Service Providers (Provided by Third Party )
Third Party Services (Provided by Third Party.)

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