Gabe Newell expects the devices to personalize gameplay and modify your mood

Gabe Newell, founder of Valve, one of the locomotives of the video game industry, believes that the future will be shaped by the brain-computer interface. In an interview with New Zealand 1 News, Newell said, “People’s emotions will be editable and changeable with the brain-computer interface’’.

Newell, who argued that brain-computer interface technologies may cause significant changes in every aspect of our daily life as well as affect the future of games, states that with this link, the emotions of the players will be detected and gameplay experiences that vary from person to person will be experienced.

Valve, known for its games like Half-Life and Counter-Strike, is currently working on its own brain-computer interface. It is known that the company has developed a version of Counter-Strike that is played with signals from the brain.

Newell says “If you are a software company operating in 2022 and you still don’t have a test lab on this issue, you’re making a stupid mistake”.

He stated that the brain-computer interface technologies bring great risks due to the tampering with the human mind.

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