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Safety clothing is important in the workplace as it protects users against any health and safety risks in the workplace. Also referred to as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), this device reduces the likelihood of injury, illness, and legal problems, and provides a safe, happy work environment for everyone.

What is PPE?

PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment and refers to clothing and equipment specifically designed to help personnel avoid hazards and injuries. These are usually decided after a risk assessment.

General PPE safety equipment may include safety boots, safety glass, helmets and specialized workwear, but this really depends on the type of work your company does and what activities require protection.

Why is PPE important in the workplace?

The importance of safety clothing cannot be stressed enough. Given that most industries today have a strong focus on health and safety, preparing for work fulfills your duty as an employer and ensures your workforce is protected from injury.

Clothing usually protects sensitive areas such as helmets for the head and sturdy boots for the feet. They also protect the mouth and nose, as well as vision and hearing, to prevent inhalation of hazardous substances.

In which sectors PPE is needed?

PPE is important in a few key industries and workplaces:

Any industry at risk of loud noise, dust, gas, heavy objects, chemicals, hot surfaces or substances, biological agents, or falling spills should invest in safety clothing.

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